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Capitol Spy – Audiobook

Novak and Mitchell are close to exposing a Russian spy in Congress. But a ruthless assassin and a deep-state organisation will do anything to stop them.

In Washington, D.C., Russian reporter Andrei Rublov has uncovered the biggest story of his career: a US congressman is spying for the Kremlin. But before Rublov can reveal who, he dies in a seemingly tragic accident.

As Tom Novak and Stella Mitchell investigate, a woman from Novak’s past offers a chance at breaking the story. But now Russia’s ruthless FSB have her in their sights, and time is running out.

With a powerful deep-state organization pulling strings across the globe, and an expert assassin closing in, Novak and Mitchell must lay everything on the line to identify the mole – and unlock a conspiracy decades in the making.

Take a deep breath and hold on for Capitol Spy’s breathless action sequences and Andrew Raymond’s trademark diabolical twists, in Novak and Mitchell’s most personal investigation so far.

AVAILABLE ON ALL MAJOR AUDIO RETAILERS, including Apple, Google and many many more…