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Kill Day

When MI6’s top asset is sent to hunt down a legendary rogue agent, he finds himself the target of ruthless assassins set loose by a high-ranking agency mole with dark secrets to protect.

When a vital mission is sabotaged by legendary rogue agent Henry Marlow, only one man survives the ambush – former SAS recruit, and MI6’s most skilled asset, Duncan Grant.

Sent to kill Marlow – once the agency’s deadliest assassin – Grant pieces together a bloody trail of clues that lead him into a high-stakes chase around the globe.

But when he uncovers dark secrets about Marlow’s past, Grant finds himself being hunted by ruthless assassins, set loose by a high-ranking agency mole who will do anything to cover up a treasonous plot that could send shockwaves around the world.

From the acclaimed author of the Novak and Mitchell political thrillers, Kill Day is the first in an explosive new series that readers are calling ‘I Am Pilgrim meets The Bourne Identity’ – perfect for fans of Mark Dawson, Jack Carr, David Baldacci, and Brad Thor.