‘My name is Tom Novak. I’m security correspondent at The Republic magazine. I’ve worked there for eight years. I’ve also been shot at on four different continents. I’ve been on The New York Times bestseller list for the last six months, during which time I’ve been the cover of Time magazine. Twice. I also won a Peabody and the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the story that you now want to send me to jail for.’

With a famous TV-news anchor for a father, there was never much doubt that Tom Novak would become a journalist.

After the huge success of his 'NSA Papers' story, however, Novak has lost sight of what made him a great reporter to begin with.

With deadly forces moving in all around, Novak must confront a terrible secret about the story that made his name, and risk destroying his entire career in pursuit of the truth.

Above the desk was a sign that said, ‘FACTS or GTFO’. Beside that was a picture of Novak as a six-year-old sitting behind the NBC Nightly News desk his father reported from.
A two-tier plastic tray sat off to one side. The top level was marked ‘Fan mail’, the bottom ‘Death threats.’
Tom Novak, male lead of Official Secrets by Andrew Raymond, political thriller novelist

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